Industrial Barnwood Shelves


When I moved into our house last August, I really wanted to do something with the plain wall behind the toilet. For me, that area had so much potential! The wall was originally a light gray, so I started by painting it with a clay-based dark gray paint.

I also saw these beautiful industrial shelves on Pinterest, and they looked quite easy to make. Let me say this; this isn’t really a beginner project, it requires powertools and various pieces, but it’s SO worth it.

Tools required:


-Barnwood cut into 24″ (I have 3 pieces)

-1/2″ iron cap x6 pieces (bought at local hardware store)

-1/2″ x 8″ cut pipe x6 pieces (bought at local hardware store)

-3/4″ pipe flange x6 pieces (bought at local hardware store)

-24 drywall plugs (optional)

-24 screws


-Measuring tape



started by measuring where I wanted my shelves. Once I decided, I took 1 pipe flange and drilled it in place (I required drywall plugs). I then took the cut pipe and cap, screwed those together and placed my barnwood piece on top of it.

At this point, I placed the other end on the wall (not screwed in yet) and put the level on the shelf to see where I was at.

I then put some points with my pencil in the pipe flanges 4 holes so I knew where I had to screw it in.

The first shelf was the hardest. There was ALOT of figuring out to do. I just repeated the steps for the next two, working my way up.

All in all, I completed the project during my lunch break. (Only an hour!) 🙂

I get so many compliments on them and really happy I tackled the project even though it was a bit above my comfort level.

I change the decor on the shelves as the seasons go, and always keep some extra supplies for my guests on the lower shelf 😉


2 thoughts on “Industrial Barnwood Shelves”

  1. Is your barn board planed or sealed somehow? Or is that how it came? I have a ton of barn board to use so just curious! Looks amazing, love the piping with the wood!


    1. Hey Amy!

      I always pressure wash all my barnwood before doing anything with it. Years and years of barn dirt and build up isn’t really sanitary in a home. I then usually do a hard sanding to get my boards looking smooth, wash again and let dry (this takes about a day). After that process, I don’t find it necessary to seal, since they are well sanded, they are easy to clean and dust off.

      Thanks! I love the wood/industrial look together, it’s a great combo.



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