DIY Modern Winter Wreath

After the Christmas holidays are over, I get into a decor “slump”. I feel like nothing can compare to all the lights, glitter and magic I just stored away for another year.

It’s always challenging to find accent pieces between seasons – especially Christmas and Easter!

I saw a few of these modern wreaths in stores, and decided to try to make one myself. I would say this was a fairly easy project.

  • 12″ Macrame Ring
  • Floral Wire
  • Glue Gun
  • Variety Greens
  • Scissors

I started by purchasing a gold 12″ macrame ring (it’s the perfect base for a simple wreath) and some greens at my local craft/variety store. I focused on getting more greens and adding minimal snowball flowers.

Using the floral wire, I attached pieces of greens by twisting the wire with the piece around the hoop. I tried to overlap the greens so the wire wouldn’t be visible.20180107_120201

I laid out the “snowball flowers” on the wreath before I actually glued them on. This helped me to see what my finished product would be before “glue committing” them on the greens.

And, that’s it! I did this whole project in about 20 minutes! I think it looks amazing! The gold ring with the greens, with the touch of white is just perfect and really “winter” without being overly obvious.


It doesn’t replace the beautiful Christmas decorations, but it’s a good transition for the “in-between” seasons.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY – Véro

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